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Julien CH Andersen
A life of faith, love, compassion and God

" Great love is the love of the heart. Little love is the love of selfishness, the sensual one."
A channeling by Julien CH Andersen

Clients' opinions on:
Clear vision and clear hearing - Clairvoyance -
Channels - Travel to past lives



  1. Clear sight and hearing.

  2. Clairvoyance - channeling.

  3. Travel to past lives.


First Clear sight and hearing.


Lucidity Evening:
September 2018. Dear Julien.
“I sincerely thank you for a clean, bright and beautiful evening in your home.
May the sun shine on you. "

On 10.10. 2016. ”Hi Julien, thank you for yesterday. on. Thank you by heart I am deeply grateful to meet you. You gave me so many and many really sensible words back home that need to be worked on and your acceptance of me. "

The 10. 10. 2016. ”Thank you for a wonderful meeting on Sunday evening between the spiritual and me, with you as an intermediary.
You do well.
Thank you for an experience that moves consciousness. ”


2. Clairvoyance - channeling:
Clairvoyance: September 2019.
“Thank you very much for your messages to me and my grandson. It has helped us a lot. "
Sincerely "
K. Rasmussen.

Clairvoyance: January 2019.
“Dear Julien.
It is with great pleasure and also with gratitude that I can tell that the house that I was going to sell has been sold with acquisition on it. February 1st.
Thank you for your prayers. It was going to go as you said and that's how it was. "

Clairvoyance: November 2018 .
"Highly recommend Julien. He is an incredible human being who knows what he is doing. And do it gently, lovingly and in a language everyone can understand. ”
Vibeke Nørgaard.

Clairvoyance : September 2018.

Dear Julien.

Thank you very much for the unique gift you conveyed to me yesterday and for the beautiful and humble

way you did it.

Thank you so much for sharing your prayer, and for the last words to me - which has become almost the mantra for me, which I repeat many times throughout the day. It was all very beautiful and big.

And thank you very much for giving so much of yourself.

Dear Lene. ”

Clairvoyance: January 2018.
"Dear Julien.
You have a huge heart and everyone matters to you. "
Mai Stetler.

Clairvoyance: December 2017.
"I'm a big admirer of you and your work! Be inspired, well and happy, and always with light and love."
Jacquelina De Los Rios.

Clairvoyance: October 2017.
"Can really recommend Julien. It's a nice and competent guide given."

Clarivoyance: August 2017.
“Dear Julien.
The experience was that being alone on the high seas, where the waves were high, swooped over the ship's edges and the chart was taken by the storm. The sun was looking at the sky and in this story the sun was Julien. His being with and in the universe, love and compassion helped me arrive on land.
The guidance and messages Julien conveyed, echoed, was healing, and helped me get more into my truth.
Dear Charlotte. "

Clairvoyance: August 2017.
“Dear Julien.
Your channels have been spot on answers to many questions just when I needed them. I really feel that you have good contact with the pure source - the father and the mother - and therefore your channeling can help transform the perception we have of ourselves. Thank you for your communication and contribution to the whole!
Dear Chanette. "

Clairvoyance: 17.8.2017 .
"Just thought I'd thank you for being there at the right time in my life."
Cammilla Wilken.

Clairvoyance: June 2017 .
"So where your words touch me deeply in my heart. I find them so reassuring and comforting. Read them with gratitude and be so humble for your thoughts."
B. Lotuz.

Clairvoyance: 8/5. 2017 .
“Dear Julien.
I just want to tell you that we were in the hospital with our son last week, and as you said, “No medicine. Everything is perfect."
Just want to say thank you so much for being there just when I needed it most.
PS: I look at your FB every day, enjoy your lookup.

Clairvoyance: 27/2. 2017.
“Dear Julien.
Waw… You are a great cannon. I'm sitting with tears right now after your clairvoyance. Your channeling makes so much sense. This is exactly what my son and I work with in our everyday lives. You say exactly what we are focusing on and give us some tools. Thanks I am very touched. Thank you to you loving man. ”
Susanne. "

Clairvoyance: December 2016.
“Dear Julien.
I want to say thank you to you for the many channels. They are read with

great interest, for inspiration and joy, my strength and faith.

Loving greetings

EG "

Clairvoyance: 18/2. 2017.
“Dear Julien, Thank you for your patience and advice for many years. But it worked out eventually - I've seen the light and am finding the way, but all of a sudden all paths are open ... The Universe has welcomed me ... Thank you for being there and helping me .... My best recommendations are hereby passed on .... ”
Lone Schioldan.


Clairvoyance: 5 / 11.2016.
“After both a group clairvoyance and mail clairvoyance with Julien, I highly recommend him to others. I have put some issues into perspective, and given examples that I can work with. And by mail it is good that I have been able to read the answers over and over again, the more I have looked inward. "

Clairvoyance: Opinion after clairvoyance 20 / 08.2016 .

“My meeting with Julien clearly gave the impression that I was in the company of a real clairvoyant. After meeting a myriad of clairvoyant people, I met an absolutely accurate and clear clairvoyant.

To the smallest detail of my life, everything was illuminated in a crystal clear channel. Right into my heart, I experienced a very life-affirming and psychologically compelling angle on unresolved events in my life.

After this meeting, it is clear to me that many are called to a spiritual profession, but few are chosen. Julien is without a doubt one of the few selected. That is why I recommend a meeting with Julien to anyone with questions regarding both past, present and future.

My life was somewhat of a facelift and was clearly enriched after this visit to Julien. I am very grateful."

With best regards
Lili Schmidt


Clairvoyance: 21/4. 2016 .
“Highly recommend Julien. Have experienced him, as full of empathy and understanding. He quickly sees where he can help and support. And do it in an indescribable way. "
Vibeke Nørgaard.

Clairvoyance: 18.03.2016.
“Thanks for a good day. Yes, some camels had to be swallowed during the clairvoyance, but I was prepared for that. It was just that I presumed it couldn't pay off with all that discipline because I didn't expect to benefit from it myself. My visit was a good and interesting experience and definitely worth the trip. Looking forward to reading your books. Great respect to you and thank you from here. ”

Clairvoyance: 17.03.2016.
“My clairvoyance session with you confirmed me to the thoughts and thoughts I have had, about the children and also my own development. It has given substance to reflection and perhaps also a slightly different view of the task that lies ahead of me. I thank you for your inspiration and messages. ”

Clairvoyance: Dec 22 2015.
”Visited Julien on 22/12-15.
It was a really positive experience and really so striking, what he got channeled.
Highly recommend a visit. It made so much sense and substance for reflection. "
Birgitte Andersen

Clairvoyance: Nov 23 2015.
“I felt that my life was in great challenges that I couldn't make sense of myself, and I didn't know what to do to get through the crisis that filled me with heaviness.
In the clairvoyance at Julien, I got answers and many tools that I could use in my daily life. Many things have been mentioned were a confirmation of questions I already knew.
After the session, I felt a relief and belief that everything is as it should be.
Julien has a sensitive empathy and loving way of conveying the messages that I received. I highly recommend others get a session if they need a lift and can hear some truths about themselves and need to evolve. ”
A. Hansen.

Clairvoyance: June 2015.
“Dear Julien
Thanks for your "try" clairvoyance, I only had a single question, I got it illustrated from several pages via your help so I could make a decision easier. Thank you for your great help.
Mvh Zoe. "

Clairvoyance: Christmas 2014.
I hereby thank you for everything you have been to me. You've been a great help on my path in this life. "

Love. ICE

Clairvoyance: Opinion after channeling, Nov.2014

Several times here in the autumn I have received channeling by Julien. At the first meeting, I did not know exactly what it was I was going to experience, as I had not previously received clairvoyance or any other form of contact with the divine higher level of consciousness. But even though it was new to me, it felt strangely natural. And the skepticism that has often been given too little leeway was quickly replaced by a receptive openness. Because what Julien channels is felt as the truth. Although it is not always wrapped up nicely, and can hit deep with something that I do not want / want to see, the messages clearly evoke recognition and I can sense that it is truth that I must sincerely relate if I want to break mine patterns and develops as human.

To receive Clairvoyance with Julien is to be in a loving room. It feels soothing and safe, which makes it easier to be honest, relaxed and open to the messages and guidance.

Charlotte Rye


Clairvoyance: 30.01. 2014 .
“In recent years, when I felt that I was stuck or just needed to get something illuminated, I visited Julien to get things clarified, and I succeeded.
Julien channels "the highest consciousness", so I've always walked away with a really good feeling, of being heard and understood.
Clairvoyance is a really good way to get clarity, you get a direct answer and something to work on.
Julien is a really nice person, you are received with love and care.
I highly recommend visiting Julien to anyone who feels like me. "
Elze Gemahliell.

Clairvoyance: 12.11.2013.
“I am very grateful to know Julien. As a good friend, he is there when I need a certain friend with depth and insight as well as walking the spiritual path of development. As a professional clairvoyant, Julien is exceptionally competent. He is a speaker of the spiritual world and is able to convey messages that I have been able to use in my life to a great extent with ultimate selfless discipline. I find that the knowledge of my life conveyed through Julien contains a great deal of clarity, truth and love. A clairvoyance at Julien helps to give me a better understanding of the issues that I work with. It also gives me a good insight into the underlying causal factors that influence the way I think and act. I am given insight so that I can make better choices and direction in my life. A conversation with Julien is like getting her glasses cleaned really well.
I can recommend Julien as a very capable clairvoyant. ”
Jonna May Muller

Clairvoyance: 27.10. 2013 .
“Several times in my adult life I have sought help through. clairvoyance and channeling / healing via angels. Each time, I have received great help. When I got to know clairvoyant Julien CH Andersen, I was unaware that I was on the verge of a serious emotional crisis, but God again helped me in a marvelous way by sending me to Julien for help. And exactly on the day that the crisis culminated, it was Julien who approached me by phone. email and "out of the blue" to hear how I felt after not having been in contact for months. On the whole, there have been some minor mail clairvoyances when my brain has writhed in powerlessness around a problem, and the help I have received has been self-help - simple wisdom - so I could clearly see how I could move on. I have been to 3 elaborate, personal clairvoyances, where Juliet's personal behavior was always characterized by patience, thoroughness, presence and loving care, and for me the clairvoyances have been the beginning of further spiritual development and greater self-understanding - beyond the specific guidance. The doubt about doing the right thing can be so strong that you do not know inside or out, but through Julien's clairvoyances I have learned more about the path of the heart. ”

Karin Valentin.

3. Travel to past lives:

Travel: 2012 .
“Almost as far back as I can remember, I have felt at home in England and especially in London.

I was crushed when I got home and it made me wonder if I've had not just one but many incarnations here.

So in the summer of 2012, Julien arranged a trip to London with the aim of not only hearing about these lives but experiencing them myself. It was the most amazing experience imaginable. Not only was I guided by Julien to find the places for my last 2 incarnations myself, I was also guided to tune in so that I experienced the situations and emotions from that time. Completely overwhelming.

It is a unique way to clarify the relationships with your loved ones (who were part of

the incarnations), as well as understanding their own patterns.

Try it. It is highly recommended.

Else. "

"You just need to know how much you are loved and how to reciprocate this love."
Julien CH Andersen.

"The lie lies in love."
From a channel by Julien CH Andersen

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