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Julien CH Andersen
A life of faith, love, compassion

and in God


1. Ethics of a spiritual clairvoyance:
As a spiritual medium - clairvoyant, Julien does not tune in to you or others, your life or family. What Julien does is listen with his clear hearing to God, Jesus, Master or angels in the spiritual world and pass their messages to you on any questions you may now have. In this way it becomes a communication between the spiritual world and you.
Furthermore, with his clear vision, Julien makes sure that it is really God, Jesus, a master or an angel present during the clairvoyance, and that he or she is speaking to you through Julien. He is only an intermediary.

2. Messages shall only be given to persons who have requested it themselves:
It is always you who is the focus. When talking about a third person, it is always the relationship between you as a client and the third person that is in focus and it is all about what you can do in relation to the third person. No third person's own circumstances will ever be involved. *

3. The advice given is generally constructive, and makes you a better person:
Love is the best and most constructive that can be given to you if it comes or is conveyed from the spiritual world.
Love heals and shows the way - always. Where man is most often wrong is love. Not just to yourself, but also to those closest to you.
Therefore, as a rule, a spiritual clairvoyance will most often be about love: Loving yourself, using yourself most appropriately, and giving you what helps you best, for example, some tools or opportunities for action.
A spiritual clairvoyance is about bettering you as a human being.

4. Respect goes two ways:
A. It is about getting the spiritual and clairvoyant messages delivered in a loving, sober and sound way that accommodates and accommodates you as a client. This is provided by Jesus, the masters or the angels. No one can deliver the messages as they become understandable, can be contained and with love.
The greatest respect that can be given to you is the boat truth and love for yourself.
B. For a spiritual clairvoyance there will be divine beings or deceased present. They deserve respect both from you as a client and from Julien who is the intermediary between you. Therefore, you should think a lot about your questions and possibly your language during clairvoyance. A noble and respectful behavior on your part is required.
From Julien's point of view, it is about enriching the spiritual truths and constructive tools for you in a loving, sober, and just way, without losing or betraying the messages that are given from the spiritual world.
Again, it is important to understand that love - is truth. Anyone loses himself if they live on a lie. A clairvoyance is about truth and love for yourself so you can move on.
Truth gives both love and respect.

5. Confidentiality:
As a spiritual medium, Julien has a duty of secrecy. It is similar to what applies to lawyers, psychologists, etc.
The duty of confidentiality does not apply in the narrow case where the advice and guidance of a colleague is needed. In this case, the duty of confidentiality is extended to the colleague as well.

The duty of confidentiality ceases where legislation requires it, such as in cases where reporting to the Police will prevent serious crime. *

6. Has great responsibility, good ethical understanding and high morals:
As a spiritual medium, Julien has a great love. The greater love a person has, the greater the ethics and morality of the person.
No one who has love lacks morality or ethics and love requires accountability. It is simple, yet it is difficult for many to live.

7. Demonstrate respect and empathy towards you as a client:

The essential thing is not whether it is light or heavy messages to deliver. What it is about is giving you as a client some good, loving and useful advice, no matter what situation you may be in.
Julien, as a spiritual medium, naturally uses both discernment and empathy to deliver messages that can be difficult to handle for you as a client. In this situation, he makes sure that you are dressed to get on well and are better placed than if the messages had not appeared. *

8. Distinction:
Discernment is one of the most important tools of man, not only in the spiritual world, but also in the physical and sensory world.
A medium like Julien has a highly developed discernment that not only manages to distinguish between the beings in the spiritual world, the messages that are given, but also the things that concern the physical and sensory world.

One is to convey the messages, another is to be neutral, loving and compassionate in the dialogue and the topics that come up on the table around you as a client. That is what is required of a spiritual medium like Julien.
9. Exercising Spiritual Clairvoyance:
As a spiritual medium, Julien has no connection to alcohol, drugs or animal products or anything else that can impair / close his heart's love ability, which would prevent his contact with the spiritual world and the pursuit of a spiritual clairvoyance.

10. Miracles and warnings:
“Many people believe that Julien is a mediator of miracles. He is not. It is us in the spiritual world who convey them, as do we who give warnings to help the individual, family or humanity.
Warnings and miracles are a help given to correcting things, showing a way forward, and witnessing the greatness of God. The God who is omnipresent and all-embracing. ”**

11. Separate spiritual clairvoyant counseling from general counseling:
Clairvoyant counseling is one thing, something else is common advice and common sense, treatment by doctors and medicine and alternative treatment.
Julien will never go against the doctors' treatment or the client's prescribed medication. If the question is to be brought up, you will generally be asked to follow the treatment you are undergoing. The spiritual world can help you with advice, for example on alternative treatment, etc.
If Julien complements the clairvoyance with his own knowledge eg psychology or literature, he will tell you and ask if you will accept this advice.
As a client, you must always use your common sense and discernment, whether it is a clairvoyance, general counseling or alternative treatment counseling etc.

12. Offer of Spiritual clairvoyance recorded on electronic media or in written form:

As a client, it can be difficult to remember everything that goes on during a spiritual clairvoyance - and especially one week after or one month. Therefore, it may be a good idea if you are unsure about anything to ask about the topic and that it is being talked through with the spiritual world with Julien as the mediator until you feel secure.
As a client, you must be offered the opportunity to bring spiritual clairvoyant counseling home either in the form of a sound recording or in written form. *

If it is in written form Julien will try to make sure that the content is complete and in accordance with the conveyed messages. But the responsibility for getting it recorded or written down correctly is yours as a client.

* From the clairvoyance association's member magazine July 2011 rules set for clairvoyantes work.

** 5. 3. 2020. A channeling by Julien CH Andersen.


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