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Hellig tyr

Hellig tyr

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal

Palolem Beach

Palolem Beach

Kirke i Margao

Kirke i Margao







Julien CH Andersen
A life of faith, love and in God

Julien Andersen invites you on an adventure trip:

Travel by heart .

A Journey to Exotic and Sacred India.

21 or 28 day round trip across India with Julien as tour guide.


Departure probably late December - return home in January 20XX. Incl. travel days total 21 - 28 days.


On this little unforgettable tour by bus, train and taxi you will experience Goa, Old Goa, Mysore, Bangalore and Puttaparthi and some of India's sacred places with churches, temples and Ashramen Prasanthi Nilayam. But the journey also offers an adventurous world of ancient forts, sizzling bazaars, small villages, palm trees, a lagoon, beaches, dolphins, jungles, palm huts, a palace and big cities. The journey is something to look forward to! Many unique and magnificent experiences await you in comforting and comfortable conditions.

Key words on the journey are:

1. Selfless love.

2. Silence.

3. Immersion.

4. Reflection.





Day 1. Depart Copenhagen. We stop in and fly on to Mumbai.

Day 2. Arrival Mumbai and departure to Goa by plane.

From Dabolim Airport in Goa we continue in Taxi or bus to Palolem Beach. For the next 5 nights we will stay in a small palm cabin in the wonderful lagoon surrounded by green palm trees

Day 3. Fri. Take any even on a dolphin ride.

Day 4. Scooter ride to Margao, shopping and back along the coast to the Fort

Day 5. Free and possible. scooter and market: We rent a scooter and drive in the local market.

Day 6. Hiking, mountaineering and possibly jungle (morning).

Day 7. Kayaking to the butterfly beach (morning).

Day 8. Depart this morning from Palolem Beach to Anjuna Beach - the beach of peace. The next two nights we will stay here and experience a different beach. The day is free.

Day 9. Trip to Old Goa, where we visit two large Catholic churches "See Cathedral" and "Basillica of Bom Jesus" with the earthly remains of Francis Xavier. We have lunch in Old Goa and continue to Dudhsagar Falls through the jungle.

Day 10. Depart from Anjuna Beach to Mysore by night bus from Panaji.

Day 11. Arrival Mysore. We will stay at a hotel for the next 3 days. After lodging we go to Devaraja market and then to Mysore Palace.

Day 12. Trip to Chamundi Hill with Nandi, Shiva's bull and 11th century temple.

Day 13. Fri.

Day 14. Departure early morning from Mysore by train to Bangalore. In Bangalore lunch and shopping on Mahatma Gandhi road. Mid afternoon departure from Bangalore by taxi to Puttaparthi, Sathya Sai Baba and accommodation in the Ashram Pransanthi Nilayam.

15th day. Guided tour of the Ashram

16.dag. City tour in Puttaparthi.

17.dag. Fri. *

18, day. Visit the orphanage and tour the large lake on a scooter.

Day 19. Fri. *

Day 20. Last day. Shopping and dinner at a Tibetan restaurant in the evening. Departure approx. pm. 9:30 pm to the airport.

Day 21. Depart Bangalore and Arrival Copenhagen.


* If you wish, you can have a personal clairvoyance and dissemination of spiritual development with Julien.


The price includes:

  • Flights: Copenhagen - Mumbai / Goa + Bangalore - Copenhagen.

  • All airport taxes and fees.

The price does not include:

  • Visas and vaccinations.

  • Accommodation in Goa palm cabin, hotel in Mysore, and apartment or dormitory in Puttaparthi.

  • Excursions and entrances in Goa, Mysore, Bangalore and Puttaparthi.

  • Meals and drinks.

  • Taxi, rickshaws, bus and train tickets.

  • Personal necessity etc.

Vaccination check with the tropical doctor approx. one month before departure. Malaria pills should be taken before and during their stay in Goa, although they are probably not needed during the rest of the trip. Check with the tropical doctor.


Visa applied for approx. 14 days before departure at the Indian Embassy in Copenhagen.


Travel Insurance: It is a good idea to take out travel insurance. Check with your insurance company.


Bring: Light summer clothing, sandals, sensible shoes, swimwear, towel, bed sheet, duvet cover, and pillowcase, a flashlight, sunscreen, copy of passport and plane ticket.


Tips: Do not bring more clothes than for a few days as it is cheap to get your clothes washed.



  • Goa: Various good figures can be purchased here. Tourist souvenirs are relatively expensive. Western shorts and t-shirts can be purchased here.

  • Margao: Materials for sewing shirts, dresses, bushes and habits as well as shoes are cheap.

  • Mysore: Spices, incense, and tailor-made materials are cheap.

  • Bangalore: Western ready-made clothing and shoes, as well as jewelry, electronics and DVDs and music.

  • Puttaparthi: The tailors are cheap, get your own clothes sewn from the fabrics you bought. Spices and incense are cheap.

  • Ashram Prasanthi Nilayam: Everything is cheaper but the range is smaller. There are many kinds of food, fruits, sweets, ice cream, clothes, tea and coffee as well as books and DVDs - about and with Sai Baba.

Depending on your consumption, you will need approx. 100 - 150 dk a day for hotel, food and transport around India and then you need to buy clothes, jewelry and souvenirs. In Puttaparthi, on the other hand, it is significantly cheaper to live and live if you live and eat inside the ashram.


The program is only made for 21 days. It will change as you stay longer in India.


We reserve the right to make changes. Everything is suggestions and indicative.

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