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Julien CH Andersen
A life of faith, love and in God


Julien Andersen invites to:

Fairytale highlights in Brazil.

17 day tour with both Brazilian and Danish tour guide.

Departing August xxxx. Incl. travel days for a total of 19 days.

On this uncompromising nature tour, the goal is that you will experience some of Brazil's greatest highlights, the most amazing and pristine nature scenes in the Amazon, as well as Native Americans, dolphins, and Cayman alligators in the world's largest rainforest containing unique flora and fauna. On to Foz de Iguacú the world's largest waterfall - 3 km wide with a total of 275 waterfalls and last jewel of all the cities of Rio de Janeiro, which is the most beautiful city in the world - a pure gem.

Keywords on the journey:


- selfless love

- immersion - meditation

Day 1 - We meet at Copenhagen Airport a few hours before departure. After checking in, we find a cozy place, have a cup of coffee or tea, and get greeted to each other in a cozy and relaxed atmosphere.

Day 2 - Arrival Manaus. Accommodation at a tourist hotel in the city center. After check in guided walk around town. We start by finding a small restaurant where we have a late lunch. (Optional.)

During the rubber boom of the latter half of the 19th century, Manaus experienced its golden heyday, and luxurious public and private buildings were erected. The first stop is the Marcado Municipal market "Adolpho Lisboa" built in the years 1883 to 1897 by BAKU & BRISBIN. Most of the building material was imported from Europe, the columns are from Scotland, and the stained-glass windows are in the same style as those in the "Les Halles" in Paris. Inside the large metal building we find the popular market with lots of life, where we see the huge fish of the Amazon and some of the fruits of the Amazon.

Then we pass the Teatro Amazonas - the famous jungle opera, which is the biggest symbol of the golden rubber era. The construction started in 1884 by the Italian company ROSSI & IRMÃOS, but due to financial problems the theater was first inaugurated in 1896 by Governor Eduardo Ribero.

The Opera has the Paris Opera as an example. Everything was imported: the roof tiles are from France, doors and stairs from England and Italy. Likewise, the crystal chandeliers are from Italy, and the stage and outdoor dome are from Paris. In its style, the opera is exquisitely constructed with a mixture of art nouveau, neoclassical and baroque. Everything has been preserved in the pervasive restoration undertaken a few years ago.

Manaus is the city that gets stuck on the retina and you will never forget it. The city is a center of the Amazon where boats extend to all parts of the jungle. The city is lazy, exotic and warm on cloudless days. It is reminiscent of a piece of Portugal that has been forgotten in the jungle, with some culture from Paris and other southern European cities. Manaus is duty free area. Good finds can be made for cheap money.

Evening: We go out for dinner at a Churrascaria restaurant. (Optional.)

Day 3 - 12: The Amazon Jungle: The Amazon Adventure consists of three parts: Rio Negro, Rio Solimöes, and a Lodge.

The days in the Amazon jungle and on the river are an endless series of adventurous experiences for life. The next several days we will sail on the river, take exciting nature walks in the jungle and live in a jungle lodge. There is something for all ages and interests.

Day 3 - Rio Negro: Until lunch, the day is free in Manaus; use if necessary the time to go shopping or visit the opera or a museum.

Ca. pm. At 12.00 we meet again, and now the adventure begins in earnest. Manaus is the gateway to the jungle and we drive down to the harbor where we board the boat that will be our home for the next days. The boat is a typical Amazon two-story boat with kitchen, toilet, shower and sun deck. Everywhere on the boat there is free view of the river and nature.

From Manaus we sail up the Amazon River Rio Negro (the Black River), along natural channels to Lake Iranduba. We stop at a nice beach where we bathe, sunbathe, read and relax a bit - and get nature under the skin.

Flooding is not dangerous. It is a wonderful experience. The water is clean and fresh, and if the guide has said it well, everyone can safely jump in, because then there are no predators such as piranhas that do not attack humans either. Most species are vegetarians.

Dinner is taken on the boat, and then there is relaxation and listening to the Amazon sounds, the forest's charm and its grandeur.

The Amazon is tropical, it is the world's largest rainforest. The river is the world's largest and wateriest. The water is nice and warm.

The jungle will surprise most with its thick layer of leaves at the bottom and the dense leaf crowns that cover the sun. When you lie in your hammock and the stars light up in the sky, it's like being in a fairy-tale world.

The jungle is an experience and we will travel in the pristine nature by boat, canoe and on foot. In the days ahead, it will be possible to go on alligator trips, fish, see and experience the great river and the all-encompassing green jungle. There will be the opportunity to learn and respect the carefully thought-out system that the jungle really is. It will be found that it is the most intricate circuit and that plants and animals mutually influence and depend on each other. Everything in the jungle lives apart and is adapted to survive. In reality, everything in the big forest is carefully organized, and everything in it breathes in tandem with the jungle and the universe.

Day 4 - After breakfast, we visit a Native American tribe that lives off the cassava plant, fishing, various fruit trees, rubber, Brazilian nuts, wood and other products that they extract from the jungle. We learn something about their customs, dances and ways of life that people live in in Rio Negro.

After lunch we sail to a nice beach for a refreshing swim, sunbathing, reading and relaxing for a bit.

Dinner is taken on board as we sail upstream.

Breakfast on the boat typically consists of fruit and local food.

Lunch and dinner usually consist of local dishes with a mix of exotic ingredients.

Day 5 - After breakfast we sail through the Anavilhana Islands to the Novo Airão Dolphin Reserve. Here we will visit the main attraction, which is the floating jetty, where we see the freshwater dolphins playing with humans. We will feed them and swim with them. The place is taken care of by a biologist.

There will be the opportunity to visit the small village of Novo Airão where you can go and sniff the atmosphere and maybe do some shopping.

We take supper on board while sailing with the stream towards Manaus. We add somewhere between the Anavilhana Islands. Here there will be a little surprise for the travel participants.

An adventurous and unforgettable day in the company of the dolphins and nature.

Day 6 - Breakfast on board. And then it's time for relaxation: reading, swimming and sunbathing at the Rio Negro.

After dinner we sail with the stream towards Manaus. We visit the cities of Acajatuba and Terra Preta and visit the locals and learn a little about their way of life and living by the river.

In the evening we fish piranhas and other exciting fish and then we explore "Igarapes" - the small riverbanks and the river forest with canoes, where we watch the sunset, the animals, the nightlife, and maybe catch a glimpse of the crocodiles. When the light hits the crocodiles, they become paralyzed and their eyes turn red, enabling us to see them and catch them with our hands. Afterwards, we put them back into the water.

We spend the night here. Be alert to the mysterious and musical sounds of the forest and the starry sky.

Day 7 - After breakfast we sail with the stream on the Negro river towards Manaus. There is the opportunity to see dolphins, giant water lilies, majestic trees and birds.

On the river we catch a glimpse of Manaus and the floating quay. We add to the small town "Careiro", which is a small typical fishing village and goes to the local market where the locals sell their fish, meat, vegetables and other goods.

After lunch we sail out to see “The Waters Meet,” which is a unique natural phenomenon. Over 6 kilometers, the two major rivers: the Rio Negro (the black water) and the Rio Solimões (yellow-green water) run side by side - in a spectacle without mixing the water, due to the rivers having different temperature and speed.

Dinner and overnight on board the boat.

Day 8 - Rio Solimôes.

Breakfast on board and then navigation towards the Mamori area and lodge. The jungle and the river have now changed dramatically. The landscape is breathtaking and we will probably see far more wild life, more birds, alligators, monkeys and come to understand the area and ecological system, flora and fauna far better.

The journey to the lodge is a pure adventure where anything can happen.

Lunch on board, after which from the first parquet on the sun deck we will see majestic trees such as Brazilian distress and Sumaumas, birds and local communities pass by the boat.

In the evening, there is the opportunity to explore the river, fish, watch alligators and enjoy the sounds of the night from the jungle.

Dinner and overnight on board the boat.

NB: The weather, boat or other unforeseen events may cause the program to change in the Amazon, and depending on the water level around the lodge, the trip from Rio Solimôes may take the small boats and bus from Manaus to the lodge. The route will then be as follows: Speedboat that takes us across the river to the town of “Careiro” - a small typical fishing village. From the fishing village we continue approx. 40 kilometers along the famous Trans Amazon road, which brings us to the "Aracá" river, where another speedboat waits to transport us through the "Mamori" basin.

Day 9 - Rio Solimôes and lodge.

Breakfast on board. Then we sail towards Wild Cabana and new adventures. There is now the opportunity to see and learn more about the river and the rainforest.

Arriving at Wild Cabana, everyone leaves the boat with their hammock and is accommodated in the large Palm Cab Wild Cabana.

Late afternoon fishing in a motorized boat where we will try to catch piranha and other local fish. Enjoy the sunset and the local birds that seek night time on the small islands as we sail back to the lodge.

Dinner will be a dinner party prepared in the best Amazon way with the catch from our fishing.

Overnight in the lodge.

The next days we relax, go jungle safaris, learn to paddle a canoe, go out fishing, go on alligator trips and visit the locals - and get the jungle right under the skin.

For example, fishing on the river is a unique experience if you are lucky to catch something. There are many species such as: the giant piracucù, tambaqui or the famous and tasty tucunarè. Or alligator trips in the dark with flashlights is a magnificent and adventurous experience. It's just enjoying the contact with the jungle.

Day 10 - Early in the morning we leave the lodge for a sunrise expedition, see the marvelous transformation of the dark water of the Tucunaré River into a mirror of light and the sound of waking birds, where the heron colonies and cormorants can transform the landscape into a fantastic show as they leave their stay for another day.

Kl. 9:00 after breakfast we canoe out to learn something about "Caboclos," - a kind of descendant of the Indians. It is a characteristic of the Amazon that one sees everywhere the Native American blood mixed, for example, the white race. This mixture is called "Caboclos."

Breakfast on board the boat.

Kl. 15.00 departure in a motorized canoe, this time we visit the river area "Inlets", there are small coves, as well as introduction to various ecosystems and the rich biodegradation in the jungle.

Dinner on board the boat.

Day 11 - After days of getting used to the river and jungle, we now take a full and adventurous day into the rainforest. After breakfast there is departure either by foot or by canoe with motor until we reach a suitable place where we can enter the jungle. The guide will guide us through the jungle on a walking tour, where we learn about the local flora and fauna, with a strong emphasis on biodegradability.

The day offers short journeys and instruction in jungle survival. We learn more about the jungle, how it helps humanity with medicinal plants, food, fresh water, fruit and even various products such as pipes, incense and oils etc. There will be the opportunity to boldly pick its own typical local fruits such as Brail nuts, cupuacu and acai - and taste some of the products that can survive in the jungle.

For lunch we find a pleasant place where we eat a baked fish, which we may have caught ourselves with cassava and fresh vegetables. Late afternoon return to the lodge for dinner.

In the evening we rest in the hammocks in the lodge in the traditional Native American way.

Day 12 - Lodge and Rio Solimôes. After breakfast, the morning is for free use and to pack.

After lunch we must return to the boat and sail back to Rio Solimôes and Manaus. Enjoy the rainforest and river and watch all the birds as the boat glides through the charm and grandeur of the Amazon jungle, which is unfortunately our penultimate opportunity to experience this magnificent kingdom.

Dinner and overnight on the boat.

Day 13 - Manaus: Early in the morning we sail into a Native American market. We take a walk in the rainforest to a small lake and see the giant Victoria water lilies.

Lunch on board and time for some relaxation as we sail back to Manaus. Here we say goodbye to the Amazon jungle, the river and the crew.

Departure from Manaus to Foz de Iguacú.

As mentioned, the actual days in the Amazon are a pure adventure with activities such as jungle trekking, visits to locals, fishing trips, dolphins, canoe trips into the flooded forest, photo safaris, survival course, swimming and relaxation etc.

How much you want to see and experience in the Amazon depends a lot on one's self, how quiet, awake and reflective one is. Furthermore, there are basically one or more guides at your disposal at all times.

All the trips in the Amazon only happen to our small group, which allows and puts a more personal touch on the excursions.

Day 14 - 18: Foz de Igaucú and Rio de Janiero.

Day 14 - We have arrived at Foz de Igaucu. We live inside the city and drive out to the waterfalls that are experienced from the Argentine side this day. The waterfall itself lies in the triangle between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, giving us the opportunity to experience another South American country.

We walk or drive in the large natural park of over 170,000 hectares to the waterfalls. Here it is possible to walk around on your own and for example go all the way to the Devil's gap. Furthermore, it will be possible to sail to the waterfalls. An endlessly beautiful ride. Full Day Tour (Optional)

Day 15 - We spend the day experiencing the Brazilian waterfall. The waterfalls are the world's largest and one of the world's wonders. It is 4 times larger than Niagara and they are a unique and indescribable experience. There are 272 individual falls over a distance of almost 3 km. The falls crash 72 meters down and cause the earth to shake.

For those who fancy, there will be the option of a helicopter ride across the falls or a boat trip up the Devil's gap.

Departure Foz de Igaucu.

Day 16 - We have arrived in Rio de Janeiro the beautiful and beautiful city that speaks to the heart and the senses. The city is lush, green and irresistible with its vibrant inhabitants, beautiful beaches and wonderful Brazilian cuisine. All in a large cocktail of modern cosmopolitan urban life - mixed with the old capital - where you find everywhere that rich and poor live side by side in great colored diversity.

We visit the Corcovado mountain (710 meters high) with the Christ statue with the amazing view, as well as the 396 meters high Pão de Acucar (sugarcane) granite cliff, which gives a unique view towards Rio. (Optional.)

Then we go sightseeing on Copacabana beach, experience the beach life, sit in a sidewalk cafe and go shopping.

Day 17 - We take a city tour, visit central and historic Rio with the cathedral and walk the old streets and the market etc. (Optional).

Evening: Closing party. Dinner at Churrascaria restaurant - and then sambashow. (Optional).

Day 18 - The day of free travel and adventure in Rio de Janeiro. Go possibly. shopping in the streets behind Copacabana beach, or visiting the world-famous botanical garden or one of the many museums in Rio. The possibilities are many - and I would be happy to help.

Evening: We say goodbye to Rio de Janeiro and Brazil, and travel back to Denmark.

Day 19 - Arrival Denmark. Now, unfortunately, the time has come to say goodbye or perhaps to each other after a magnificent, beautiful and adventurous journey.

Bring: Clothes that are comfortable, like summer clothes, swimwear, sun oil, sun hat, long pants, rainwear, sandals and tennis shoes, insect protection, light sleeping bag or sheets to sleep in, books, music and camera, flash and plastic bags for camera protection.

Purchases: Summer clothes and possibly fishing tackle can be bought somewhat cheaper in Manaus than in Denmark. Manaus is duty free area and prices are slightly below the Danish.

The last purchases of clothes and other things can be done in Rio de Janeiro.

Jungle Tips: Be as quiet as possible and do not wear colorful clothes, as this may put you at risk of scaring the animals and thus looking less wild.

Furthermore, when visiting locals, Native Americans or small towns, it is important to respect people and local traditions. Remember that you are the guest.

Vaccination: The Amazon is yellow fever and malaria area. Yellow fever vaccination is advisable. Schedule the vaccination well in advance, as the vaccine is effective only after 10 days. Check with your doctor if you need to take malaria pills. If so, start with the pills before leaving for Brazil.

Information: About one month before departure, all travel participants will receive additional information and guidance on luggage, travel and stay in the Amazon and Brazil.

The price includes:

Flight Copenhagen - Rio de Janeiro t / r with SAS and TAM as well as 3 domestic flights:

A. Rio de Janeiro - Manaus. B. Manaus - Foz de Iguacu. C. Foz de Iguacu - Rio de Janeiro. Incl. all transfers airport / hotel t / r and flight taxes and fees.

In the Amazon: 11 day spectacular and adventurous cruise on the Amazon River and stay in the lodge in the jungle, as described in the program. The adventure starts with an overnight stay in Manaus.

A: Accommodation in a simple tourist hotel in Manaus with TV, telephone and bathroom in each room. The hotel is close to the Opera House. Incl. breakfast and walk around Manaus with Danish guide.

B: Accommodation on a typical Amazon boat where you live and sleep on the upper deck of the hammock. On the boat are two toilets with baths, where changing clothes also takes place. Meals are taken alternately on the upper deck or lower deck.

C: Accommodation in the jungle lodge, which is one of the best in the area far inside the jungle. As on the boat, we sleep in hammocks in a large room overlooking the jungle. The lodge also has a kitchen, dining room and two tiled bathrooms, and a large outdoor terrace under jungle trees overlooking the river.

In the Amazon, all meals are included. Ie breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as mineral water on the boat and in the jungle lodge.

In the Amazon, overnight is spent in the hammock on the boat and in the lodge. The Amazon hammocks are large and comfortable. The guide will teach us how to sleep in it.

All activities as described in the program as well as both Brazilian and Danish guide.

In Foz de Iguacu: 2 nights at Hotel Continental Inn Foz (3+ star hotel) located in Foz city.

The rooms feature cable TV, air conditioning, safe, minibar and internet connection.

The hotel has a common area; large swimming pool, sauna, fitness room, lounge, bar, restaurant and 24-hour reception.

Incl. breakfast and Danish guide.

In Rio de Janeiro: 3 nights in a hotel located near Copacabana's seafront - right on the water and very close to Lido, which has a vibrant and very colorful nightlife.

Incl. breakfast and Danish guide.

The price does not include:

Option of excursions paid in real time.

Travel and health insurance.

Cancellation insurance.

Other meals and drinks.


Co-organizer and tour leader is Julien Andersen, who has extensive experience in staying in the jungle: “It is my goal on the journey that everyone should have safe, unique and magnificent experiences both in the Amazon, Foz de Iguacú and in the miraculous and incredibly beautiful city of Rio. de Janeiro. "

Look forward to a journey that is adventurous and absolutely unique both in the jungle, Foz de Iguacú and in Rio de Janeiro.

Kr. per. person in shared double room.

Signing up for

Note: It is a requirement that the travel participant has a valid sickness / travel insurance.

Voluntary: Cancellation insurance: 485, -kr.

* Price is indicative.

We reserve the right to make changes.

Fee / product liability according to EU / Travel Guarantee Fund.

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