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Retreat / course


Julien CH Andersen
A life of faith, love and in God

Meditation and silence retreat / course

on the island of Crete in the Greek archipelago.

XX September 20xx

Price for 6 days… .. including accommodation and vegetarian food.

Retreat, immerse yourself and experience yourself away from everyday stress and stress.

Meditation is a way to train and cultivate the mind, to develop concentration, mindfulness, attention and love.
Meditation provides tranquility, concentration and insight.

Meditation takes energy, commitment, determination and requires discipline. Taking on a retreat is not always easy, especially for beginners, it can be difficult. Everyone has to adjust in body and mind to retreat to the interior:
We get up early.
We have a schedule that everyone is asked to follow

We have to live off vegetarian food.
We need to learn how to deal with physical discomfort.
We may experience some "ups" and "downs" during the retreat.
We must develop the capacity of our love
Of course, everything is voluntary.


You will receive guidance and a personal meditation that you can work on during the course, which takes place in silence. We incorporate the nature around us into immersion and experience its tranquility and great love which can help you to find deeper into yourself and develop spiritually.

Program: Retreat / course in meditation and silence caters to both practiced and practiced. There will be practical exercises and both individual and team teaching daily in spiritual exercises.

Bring blanket and any. cushion for the meditations + flashlight. Paper and pencils for notes.

Accommodation takes place in shared double rooms.


Registration to Julien CH Andersen on tel. 23283020 with information on email address and name.
Deposit 1000.00 kr to be paid when registering on mobilepay 23283020

The remaining amount 1200kr is paid in late 8 days before the retreat starts.

With love.

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