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Lucidity Evening

Sunday Night Vision Sunday, February 2, 2020 at 1 p.m. 20:00 to 21:30.
Come to a fantastic Clarity and clarity hearing in private in Frederiksværk.

Julien is a Spiritual clairvoyant / medium and author. He has for many years channeled many messages from God about love, family, children, the ego and spiritual development as well as politics and democracy, including making many predictions to help humanity.

Julien will, on clarity night as a Spiritual clairvoyant / medium, pass on messages from the spiritual world and from any. deceased.

It is an evening where Julien shows how he works with the spiritual world. Julien relays the messages with humor, seriousness, love, empathy and with great precision as he has a unique clarity. There will be opportunities to ask questions and there will always be messages from the spiritual world or the deceased to help with your development.

Bring paper and pen to write down the messages or record them on the phone.

Clear-sighted and clear-cut evening is held privately and not in a large forum, so there is a limited number of seats, as I love being able to help and get messages for each participant.
Price DKK 150.00 per participant.
Sign up via SMS and pay on Mobilepay on: 23 28 30 20

Sign up via SMS and pay on Mobilepay on: 23 28 30 20

Attention: Registration is only registered once you have paid and received an SMS on your participation.

The door opens at 19:50

May the love, wisdom and strength of the heart be with you and guide you.
With love.


Come on time - no smoking allowed - switch off the phones - be quiet.

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