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October 1, 2019.
"The purpose of the books is to tell that Christianity is alive and God exists."
A channeling by Julien CH Andersen


October 1, 2019.
"The books are a help to you as a human being for good and evil.
Understand yourself and you must understand and know all the others. ”Jesus
A channeling by Julien CH Andersen

Bøger -

I AM - Væren
Om dit sande selv

Julien CH Andersen
A life of faith, love and in God

Guddommelige profetier - Julien C. H. Andersen
Only DKK 98.00
Divine Prophecies

Published: October 18, 2012. The book is the second book in the trilogy.
The book costs DKK 98.00 and can be purchased through the author.

Divine Prophecies 2nd book.

The book is briefly about: That not since Socrates has the development of democracy been so clearly described. In the book, God explains the deeper meaning of democracy, its history, human application of democracy in daily life, including in individual countries and continents throughout the earth. God offers with remarkable clarity some commandments:

  • Socrates. "He is one of your most important philosophers."

  • Democracy: It begins in the family.

  • The goal is love and democracy for all humanity.

  • The difference between politics and democracy.

The basic theme of the book is democracy and love. Other themes in the book are God, the divine principles, man, family, and prophecies.

The book comes all the way around. It is all illustrated with stories and allegories that illuminate the eternal truths in and around God and man. The book is an unusual and global continuation of the Prophet's Diary. It is an aid to man and its development throughout the earth.

Overskrift 1

Der er profetier for lande som: Frankrig, Rusland, Tyskland, Italien, Kina, Vietnam, Brasilien, Mexico, USA, Vatikanstaten. Ialt er der profitier for de forskellige kontinenter og 66 lande som:

Afrika –

Mozambique –

Gambia –

Zambia -

Egypten –

Ghana –

Mali –

Libyen -

Etiopien –

Tanzania –

Angola –

Botswana –

Kenya –

Eritrea –

Somalia –

Nairobi –

Asien –

De forenede Arabiske Emirater –

Irak –

Israel –

Palæstina –

Libanon –

Oman –

Saudi-Arabien –

Yemen –

Qatar –

Filippinerne –

Cambodja –

Kina –

Kurdistan -

Mongoliet –

Rusland –

Vietnam –

Sydkorea –

Bahrain –

Bhutan –

Europa –

Bulgarien –

Tjekkiet –

Danmark –

Finland –

Frankrig –

Tyskland –

Ungarn –

Italien –

Litauen –

Nederlandene –

Polen –

Slovenien –

England -

Baskerlandet –

Aserbajdsjan –

Bosnien – Hercegovina –

San Marino –

Serbien –

Ukraine –

Vatikanstaten –

Sydamerika –

Bolivia –

Brasilien –

Colombia –

Guyana –

Peru –

Venezuela –

Nordamerika –

Barbados –

Cuba –

Canada –

Mexico –


Australien –

Bogen er udgivet: 18. oktober 2012.

Zosma Forlag. Svanningehuse 45. DK-5600 Faaborg.

Profetens dagbog - Julien C. H. Andersen
Only DKK 98.00
The Prophet's Diary

Published August 16, 2012. The book is the first book in the trilogy.
The book costs DKK 98.00 and can be purchased through the author.

The Prophet's Diary 1st book.

The book is a beautiful and unique story told by God about man and God. It is not a book that belongs to a particular creed: God has many names, and the name is not the most important. The most important thing is love, and it belongs to all faiths.

The book deals with topics such as:

· Love and sorrow.

Prayer: Here is the love that counts.

· God. Who is he? He tells it himself and how He is bound by His own law.

. The family and you! The upbringing gives the result.

· Children, lead them by example.

The Prophet's diary is very much about the personal life, the love and peace we all dream of, and the wisdom and clarity we all want, and which is part of God. It is with this book as with the Ten Commandments: It describes some basic living rules.

The book makes God's all-embracing love very present. It shows us how to become more loving people as we act from the heart and develop in the direction for which we have been created.

God tells. If we take steps against Him, He takes steps toward us. He says, “Every little step you take against Me is recorded, and I will reach out to you at some point. Trust it and do your best. ” It requires us to take the steps and go over the gap that we ourselves have created.

Published August 16, 2012.

Zosma Forlag

Out of stock

Published 2000 at the publishing house Facet.
The book is published under the name: Carsten S. Andersen.

Short stories about the deep existential questions, one about a dying man, another about a death sentence. The same themes are found in the poems.
The short stories are well-written, quirky and one must be vigilant as the author plays kispus with the reader. The short stories move in the border country and some of them even move on several levels.

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