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Boganmeldelser - Profetens dagbog - Guddommelige profetier - Julien C. H. Andersen

Julien CH Andersen
A life of faith, love and in God

Book reviews:

1. The Prophet's Diary reported in Astrology Magazine # 1 - 2013.

2. Divine Prophecies Reported in Astrology Magazine # 2 - 2013.

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1. The Prophet's Diary reported in Astrology Magazine # 1 - 2013.

”Julien CH Andersen

The book describes some basic living rules channeled by "GOD" to the book's author. It deals with personal conversations with "GOD", where the author sometimes asks questions, or even has a dialogue. It must be pointed out that it is not a book that belongs to a particular creed, and the most important message in the book is love, and love belongs to all mankind and no particular faith or religion.

The Prophet's diary is about the personal life and the love, wisdom and peace we want to have for others, and last but not least for ourselves. The book is divided into various topics such as: Love, grief, family and you or "To overcome life". It can actually be used as a reference book, but deserves to be read at its full length. It is a bit of an unusual form of communication that comes a long way around "GOD" and life itself.

The book is written in a narrative form that should not be self-chosen. The author writes in his postscript that where the meaning of the message has been unclear, questions have been asked and "GOD" has given answers. "

2. Divine Prophecies Reported in Astrology Magazine # 2 - 2013

"Julien CH Andersen

In the last issue of the Horoscope, the author's first book "The Prophet's Diary" was reviewed. Here in her second book, Julien CH Andersen, on a trip around India, gets an inside message: “When you get home and finish your book (Prophet's Diary), start your next book. You will write it in just one month. So you get busy. ”

"Divine Prophecies" is channeled by the God who has many names. Whatever we call him, he is one and the same God. It is a global continuation of the "Prophet's Diary". The book is divided into two parts, the first part of which is a look into the future of the individual continents, including some of the countries. There is also a look into the powerful Vatican state, but no prediction for the coming papacy.

The second part is about democracy. Here, the deeper meaning of God is described with democracy and its history, as well as man's application of democracy in daily life. Here we can read about "The child and democracy". The book ends with questions from Julien and answers from God.

The book can be seen as an insight into and an understanding that we are all connected in one big puzzle, and if one piece is missing, it is not a perfect and harmonious Earth we live on. At the back of the book there are notes for the people mentioned in the book. "


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