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Prophecies - Predictions


Julien CH Andersen
A life of faith, compassion, love and in God

Older Prophecies - Predictions posted on Facebook:

Summary of predictions:
1. Vatican City State 2012.
2. Israel 2012.
3. China 2012.
4. USA 2012.
5. Russia 2012.
6. Denmark 2012.
7. The EU and the British out of the EU. On July 17, 2016.
8. If Trump wins the election. On November 5, 2016.
9. Trump wins. On November 8, 2016.
10. The fate of the world is changing. On November 8, 2016.
11. Israel and Trump. On November 9, 2016.
12. Trump wants to change the world for the worse. On November 9, 2016.
13. Trump a trap. On November 9, 2016.
14. Trump and politics. On November 9, 2016.
15. Businessman Trump. On November 11, 2016.
16. Trump is not a new phenomenon. On November 11, 2016.
17. The United States lost. On November 12, 2016.
18. Power factor. On November 12, 2016.
19. Trump’s tenure. On November 12, 2016.
20. Democracy for the worse. On November 12, 2016.
21. There is war in the world. On November 14, 2016.
22. Trump: The Consequences of Power. On December 11, 2016.
23. Trump and Power. On December 13, 2016.
24. Denmark is going to war. February 2, 2017.
25. Donald Trump and newspaper headlines. April 14, 2017.

It is possible to read several predictions in the book "Divine Prophecies." A total of 66 countries across the globe have been given their destiny and role, including the future of democracy on the world stage predicted by me in 2012.

The following predictions have been posted on Facebook:
25. Donald Trump and newspaper headlines. On April 14, 2017.
“Donald Trump is going to make newspaper headlines around the world soon. The subject becomes war. The world is going to be on fire. Denmark gets hit: Many widows, many died everywhere. "

24. Denmark is going to war. Received December 19, 2016. Posted on Facebook on February 2, 2017.
“There will be war. Denmark is going to war.
You will not become a war zone.
Everyone must bear sacrifices - including you.
As yet, the world has not learned the lesson to be learned. You had accomplished far more by walking the peaceful path. The path of war is the path of suffering. Along the way, there are dead, widows, sufferers and veterans.
The heroes come to heaven, I hope. The losers come down to hell.
Understand that you are all losers. There are no winners in a war. War is power and violence. Power and violence tear down. Love and peace builds up. It is here that you have prosperity and prosperity.
Listen Julien! The lesson the world is to learn, many have learned. Many still lack to learn the lesson - also in Denmark and those who are involved in the war.
Listen now for it becomes difficult, what I say now: Everything starts and ends with yourselves. War and peace start with yourselves, not your neighbors.
The war will cost Denmark dearly. There will be peace after the war, lasting peace. "

23. Trump and Power. On December 13, 2016.
"Trump's policy is power. Power is selfishness, self-interest. Power wants itself first, then itself again. They are others are the means of nurturing self-interest.
When we talk about politics, we talk about power. When we talk about democracy, we talk about charity. That is the difference between politics and democracy. And stop a little. Democracy had wind in its sails. Had is that time. The train of democracy is long. Each country has a wagon connected to the train.
And why did it happen?
Because and the answer is quite simple. A businessman and now a politician like Trump is in the cart, the US cart because ...
And now comes the answer. There are others in the US wagon that practice democracy. They are having a hard time now. One day in the not so distant future, they will again have wind in their sails. ”

22. Trump: The Consequences of Power. On December 11, 2016.
“The sky is getting dark. The sun tucked away.
Know that everything is written. Nothing is new under the sun, nor what is hidden in the dark.
Trump and his equal are known by Me. What their hearts are hiding, they don't even know. What is revealed by Me is hidden from man.
Trump will destroy the presidential image the US has built. He is history soon. He gets a very short tenure.
What I say now applies: Power wants power. Power creates injustice, it always has. You haven't learned from history yet, which is why you keep repeating the mistakes of the past. Everywhere you have monuments in power, but you forget the cost of it and the damage it has inflicted on you and humanity. Not a family passes by if you delve into your family's history. You all have ancestors or mothers of the past who have been affected by the scourge of power. If you asked them, they would answer you that the power is of evil and that nothing good comes of it.
Trump himself is not evil. It is the power and consequences of the one who is evil. Neither a president, a school teacher, nor a family father can create a country, a class, or a family with power. It takes love to create a country, a school class or a family. Power breaks down, love builds. It takes wisdom to build a country, a class, or a family. Just think of all the families where father, mother and children have had to divorce. Had they had love and wisdom, they would not have been divorced.
When we talk about a country or a class, the same applies. A president or a school teacher has the same function as a family father. He must hold on to the family, just as a schoolteacher must hold on to the class and a president must hold on to the countryside. Without love and wisdom it will not work.
And what is wisdom then?
Wisdom is love. The more love, the greater the wisdom. Love is the bricks in the president's house, in the teacher's classroom and in the father's house. The mortar holding the bricks together is wisdom. Power has neither the brick nor the mortar to build a house. Power can only tear down, and what it tears down is the love and wisdom that previous generations have built. That is why power causes suffering and sorrows.
Let's talk about Trump again. The United States wants greatness. They will be great not only in the eyes of the world, but also in their own eyes. This is why they have elected Trump as president to get some of their values back.
Back is a step back. Love and wisdom are moving forward. You can't go back. It's past. You can only go forward and create in love and wisdom. That is what all the fathers and mothers of democracy have done, whether they have been presidents, school teachers or family fathers or mothers.
Do not forget. You create with love. You tear down with power. This applies to everyone, whether you are fathers, mothers, teachers or presidents. "

21. There is war in the world. On November 14, 2016.
“There will be war in the world. The United States always stands alone. They do here, too.
Flames will come and go. Smoke will eclipse the sun. Women will cry, men will die and the world will pass. Not the world you know today. It is soon past.
And of the ashes like a bird phoenix, the sun must illuminate a new and better world.
What was, is no longer. What is coming, you know nothing about. Democracy had wind in its sails.
'Had' is the past. That was all."

20. Democracy for the worse. On November 12, 2016.
“Trump wants to change democracy for the worse. He is the businessman not a politician. Business and politics are inextricably linked.
Politics sets rules for the businessman. The businessman will and many will try to circumvent the politicians' rules of business. A businessman as president is putting a wolf into a candy store. To appoint a politician as president is to appoint one to run the candy store. The world is a candy store for businessmen. It buys and sells the lick for profit. The poor have no purchasing power. It has the rich.
Democracy serves the poor. It's charity. The businessman earns himself first, then those who have money. The politician and the businessman pull the rope at each end. That's the way it is. That's how it's always been and that's the truth.
The world is rich. The task of politicians is to distribute wealth. The businessman gathers them together. Inequality exists. It gives profit.
One day in not so distant future, the train of democracy will run strong. Great gains will be made to the welfare of mankind. Welfare is intrinsic values. Prosperity is external values. Man does not climb the train of democracy if it does not carry its intrinsic values. "

19. Trump’s tenure. On November 12, 2016.
“Now we have to talk about the future. Trump’s tenure will fall short. Many will like him. Many will not like him.
The future of the United States becomes, after Trump, a post-rationalization. The skeletons must come out of the closet one by one.
The image the self-image the United States has of itself is a dream image. The rich take from the poor and the poor will be rich.
Where do you want to go with it?
That's what you did in the Middle Ages. Whether the United States wants to join or not, the world is moving towards a global world order. The train was set by Socrates a long time ago. The United States is just a wagon on the train. It can be disconnected or on the train. The locomotive is charity, and here is the United States, though many do not think it locomotive. Every country has a wagon if they practice democracy excited by the locomotive. The inhabitants are passengers in the carriage of that country. The politicians are the servants, the ones who service the passengers.
The train, the train of democracy will prevail on the ground, for the locomotive is charity. It is My will. You will find that will in all the holy books. It is My Law which is written down in those books. That law is charity, and that's what democracy is all about.
Trump is a passenger in the US train car on Democracy's train. Along the railway line, there are many graves for the passengers who were once on the train, as well as monuments of great politicians who practiced democracy.
No one, neither the passengers nor the politicians, avoids their own grave or the monument they are building. In the future in the not-so-distant future, major political monuments will come along that railway line. Trump's monument or tomb is not among them. "

18. Power factor. On November 12, 2016.
"Donald Trump is a power factor. Clinton was a power factor. Still, there is a difference. Power can be used in bad service.
And what do I mean by that?
The answer is simple. It is simple. Self-interest, whose power is used to promote self-interest, is that of evil. "

17. The United States lost. On November 12, 2016.
"Clinton was the winner. It is an era in the political United States that is over now.
Clinton won. Clinton lost, the United States lost. The world of yesterday is gone forever. Trump is off today. He's gone tomorrow, a footnote in the history books.
Do not be fooled by him, by the politicians of power. They want it with words. Action pinches it. ”

16. Trump is not a new phenomenon. On November 11, 2016.
"Listen and understand! Trump is in the world. The world is in him. He is not a new phenomenon. He is the American dream of good and evil. It is the few who have seen it. The dream is alive. Dreams are dying. They will always do that, including the American dream.
In a thousand years, America is a continent that is completely different from today. The inhabitants have moved away from the dream, away from hopeless fatam organs.
The future is not Trumps or Americans. It is Min. What they have sown, they will reap. So far so good.
Trump at that time is a footnote in the history books. A necessary footnote, by no means a glorious footnote.
And what then is a glorious footnote?
If you ask Me then a glorious footnote is a loving and peaceful footnote. Unfortunately, what the others you are talking about and remembering because they had dreams that have turned into dust today. This is also the case with Trump and other powerful politicians. Their visions and dreams turn into dust.
Let Me give you a few examples: Hitler's Millennial Reign is gone. The Roman Empire is gone. Mighty civilizations have seen the light of day before and have, in oblivion, been dragged into the dust of time. "

15. Businessman Trump. On November 11, 2016.
“Trump as a politician is the businessman. With a businessman in the White House, it's about profit, not charity or what the poor earn, the ones who stand outside the rich and well-off. "

14. Trump and politics. On November 9, 2016.
“Trump wants to turn upside down on politics. The world of yesterday is over. The world of today looks different and the world of tomorrow owns no one.
Listen! Clinton wanted power. It has all presidents wanted and they have used it.
Trump is power.
Understand the difference: One thing is to want power, another is to be power.
If you want to be big, so do love. It makes you great. Power makes you small.
Clinton's out. Trump is in, he thinks. The day tomorrow is not his. It is Min. The future is Min.
Your history books are full of you wanting one thing, the result being another. The result depends on what you have sown, not what you want. That is the essence of My message.
If you use force to achieve peace, you will get war. If you fill your pockets by taking from others, you have to take it from you. If you do injustice, the injustice must be done to you. If you speak falsely, you must get false again.
Understand that what you sow, it reaps I. This also applies to Donald Trump and the United States. Politics is power. Democracy is charity. It begins in the family, in the electorate. Stop a little. Very few presidents have practiced democracy. They have practiced politics.
And what do I mean by that?
Politics is power. A politician says one thing and does something else. Or to put it another way: He promises charity but exercises power.
Let Me give you an example: Hillary Clinton promised to grow the poor, give them better conditions. It's an election promise. The same election promise Trump has made. None of them can hold these election promises, which should be charity. Instead, they end up exercising power, suppressing the ones they wanted to help.
And why did it happen?
The answer is simple. It is simple. They have sown the power, though they talk about helping. You must know them by their fruits, by their actions - not by their words. "

13. Trump a trap. On November 9, 2016.
"Donald Trump is a trap for the United States. They will soon find out. The good old days are gone for the American people. Trump cannot revive them or the American dream. It was and will be a dream.
Rich is rich. Poor is poor. He who has much must be given much. He who has nothing must be deprived of the latter also.
And beware! He who has love must be given much. He who has no love must be deprived even of the last.
Listen! Love makes the wheels spin around the earth. Without love you have nothing. Then you are poorer than poor.
USA You are big on dreams. You are poor in love. You cannot build your future on them. You will find out. The good old days are gone forever. I want it that way. The earth must become one earth for everyone, not just Americans with bad dreams.
You have chosen. You have chosen a dead end. Everything that has to do with power and dissatisfaction ends blindly. It lacks all that love is rich in. Charity is the only way forward. The only navigable way forward. "

12. Trump wants to change the world for the worse. On November 9, 2016.
"Listen! What I say now is important. Donald Trump will change the world for the worse. I have said that before.
So listen! There will be war now. It will pull flames over the ground. The United States must become a bad boy in the class of democratic countries. Not many will be its ally.
That said, must also be said: Donald Trump wants to teach the American people a lesson they will never forget. The role of the world and the role of the United States are now being changed. Probably the world is small in the eyes of the American people. That is changing now. They need to feel that they are small in the eyes of the world and vice versa.
Wars come and go. Everyone must remember that the war is going on within themselves. The world is a mirror of yourselves. What you seek and see in the world, you have yourself. Lead and you must find.
My message today is peace. Still, I speak war. Not a necessary war. You have chosen it that way.
And how?
Many, far too many have supported America over the years. It ends now. It should have ended years ago. "

11. Israel and Trump. On November 9, 2016.
“With Trump as President, Israel will meet golden times when we talk about peace. What Israel has thirsted for so long, they must get if they do the work themselves.
For Trump, Israel is a distant planet. They cost dearly in the budget.
Trump is power. With him, Israel meets golden times if they do like him. Power is a sour fruit. Peace is a sweet fruit.
Why do I say that Israel is facing a golden future if they do power and not peace?
Trump wants power. Israel wants power. They are allies. Yet they are miles apart. It's bad for many who want power.
And why did it happen?
Power maintains balance in the Middle East. Without the US, Israel's balance in the region will be upset. It must learn to stand alone more than now. In doing so, the country has two choices: power or war as hitherto or peace.
If they choose peace, its future is golden. If they choose the power and the dissatisfaction so far, the hard times are met.
Let's talk about the American people. It has been split with Donald Trump. Thats how it should be. Power splitter. Peace gathers. "

10. The fate of the world is changing. On November 8, 2016.
“Today, the fate of the world is changing for the worse. Donald Trump's victory is the victory of darkness. Understand that many will. They live in anxiety; fear of doing good, fear of loving themselves and their neighbors. "

9. Trump wins. On November 8, 2016.
"Trump wins today. It is My will that you reap what you have sown. It applies to all."

8. If Trump wins the election. On November 5, 2016.
“If Trump wins the election, and he does, then the world will change dramatically for the worse. You don't have to be a prophet to be able to predict.
Trump stands for power, is himself enough and wants. It's a dangerous cocktail. It has nothing to do with charity or the virtues of the heart - and it makes the world feel.
That said, it should also be said that this is what most American people will: They want power and are themselves enough; wants himself first and wants. In My eyes it is a step back. The American people have come a long way. With Trump, they go back.
Trump is not a leader: He is a power factor. A leader is a servant, a servant in charity and peace. What do you want with a leader who creates dissatisfaction?
You don't know!
Let Me give you the answer. That's because you want to be big. You believe that power; to want oneself first, to have, you can get by creating dissatisfaction. It is wrong. Make peace and get it. Give and you must be given.
Power and dissatisfaction begin with yourselves. Peace and charity do not begin with your neighbor, but with yourselves. Now the world needs to feel with Trump what it means to want himself first. That lesson could have been the American people besides if they had thought of others but themselves first. "

7. The EU and the British out of the EU. On July 17, 2016.
"Listen! The British have left the EU. There are reasons why, many even. The history of England goes way back. They are proud of their history and country. Being subject to strangers and in this case the EU is the main reason for leaving the EU.
The country, if we are talking about England, has proud traditions. They have been used to rule and many want that position back. It's past. It will never be revived.
The future looks different from what the British believe and hope for, now that they are out of the EU. The country is getting poorer than it is now. They face big problems, problems that were easier to deal with when they were in the EU.
Let Me Give An Example: Unemployment. It has been a major problem in the UK in the past. Many have lived below the poverty line, even though they have had a job and those who did not have work could not survive on the support or lack of the same. England has always had problems supporting the most disadvantaged in society. That has helped the EU improve. However, there is still a long way to go.
England cultivates class differences. The announcement of the EU is a fine example of that.
When we talk about the future, it is different from what the British believe and hope for. They will never join the EU again. The British are getting poor now. They become self-employed. The EU lost when they signed out. Tomorrow the EU is far richer without the British. What the EU lost, the EU wins in the long run.
England is more than England. So are Scotland and Wales. They want something different from England. Not that it's easy to be the little ones with a big wolf. For England is a wolf. It wants itself first and the others eventually. It will be for many centuries to come.
Even lambs can tame a wolf. It is a good example of the working class. Unfortunately, they have forgotten the lesson and have to go again. Enough about that.
England! You have your traditions. Some are good, others bad. If you hold on to the bad and throw out the good, you end up at the meeting. But things are not going wrong. But the good times are over. It will be a long time before you sit at a high table again with those who wish you well. Those who show you a different path than the one you have chosen.
Scotland! You have come a long way. Far you have yet to go. Fight for what's in your heart. That's the way forward. Much will be given to you if you walk the path of the heart and not selfishness. That is the path the British have taken.
Wales! You are small. You can stay tongue on the scales. Do not ask for more than you can carry. Be happy with what you have, because you have more than England if you look with your heart.
England! Again, you've chosen the match. Again, you have chosen to fight. If you had chosen wisely, you would have chosen to have the opponents in front of you and not with yourself. It had given you another future.
England! You have given birth to great warriors. You need them. In the future, it will be a completely different kind of fighter you will need. You can no longer win on the battlefield. You can no longer build monuments over your dead soldiers and commemorate your wars. In the future, wolves and wolves will fight and lambs will show you the way. Only the few of you will see the way, and therefore it will be long. You have chosen that.
Listen to the EU! If you do not change your course, the British will not be the only ones to leave the Union. End you get no more. "

6. Denmark 2012.
Denmark: "You forget the love. The love that you have built your country on. The love that is the foundation not only in families, in schools and in society but also in democracy. If you forget love, you destroy the foundation of the house you are in by building for your children.
Understand it! Your parents and your grandparents gave you a legacy. They built your community for you. The fruits they gave you are the ones you eat now. "
Excerpt from the book Divine Prophecies.

5. Russia 2012.
Russia: "Mysterious and alone. But great are you, and small are you. Democracy has come a long way with you. Yet you are at the first step. Teaching is not easy. It is difficult and difficult as you walk the path of power ... And listen! You have had a mad monk. There will be a certain monk ... You must know him on the lamb. You must know him for his lack of words. You must know him for his actions. "
Excerpt from the book Divine Prophecies.

4. USA 2012.
USA: "You have democracy. But you practice politics. You haven't learned the difference yet. Only a few of you understand it and practice democracy. Power is not democracy. Power is politics. It makes you superior. It makes you great where you should have been small. Democracy creates peace, it does the loving and good toward its neighbor. Politics does the opposite. At least it often does the opposite. It creates dissatisfaction and creates inequalities where no inequalities existed...
And America! You will become a people one day, a brother people. There will be equality and love between you. You will be a help to the world. But only on the day when you help and lift in love. "
Excerpt from the book Divine Prophecies.

3. China 2012.
China: "You are many souls. You are poor in spirit ... Leaders! Leaders of China. Feel your children's soul. See their faces, not just what you want to see, but see the life they are destined to live. See not what you want to see, see them as they are, see their dreams and their grand visions, see their visions of love and peace ... And another prophecy, help the world, help the world, and when you do, for it day will come, you will have the honor, and your love will grow. "
Excerpt from the book Divine Prophecies.

2. Israel 2012.
Israel: "You are a little folk. Your history is long. It fills libraries, it fills the world with your songs of praise, tales of suffering and the pursuit of becoming a people, a country, an independent people. Israel! Wake up! Every day You create hatred or peace, you choose it yourself, but peace or hatred begins with yourselves, not with your neighbor or your neighbor… You sow the seeds of the times, you reap the seeds of the times, you sow the grain of the heart, you reap the grain of the heart. for the little one as well as for the supreme in the community ... Still, your hand is being held over you. Yet you have time to turn the gun around ... "
Excerpt from the book Divine Prophecies.

1. Vatican City State 2012.
Vatican City: "Great are you. Larger than many who have more than you. What you lack in space, you have in faith.
Cardinals! You have highly trusted records. Many in your ranks thirst for your positions. If they were just thirsty for love, they were much won over ... Know them by their actions, not by their words.
Popes! You have had many popes, you will have many popes ... And listen! In choosing, you must not choose with the sense. You must choose with the heart. It will give you good and holy popes. In five hundred years, the greatest of all the popes will be among you ... He will set a new course ... Your church will exist for many thousands of years. "
Excerpt from the book Divine Prophecies.


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