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Sailboat with Sai Happy

Julien CH Andersen

A life of faith, love and in God


Dear friends.

Would you like to sail?
Sai Happy, is the boat that brings happiness and where all the worries are far away

You are welcome as an experienced or experienced guest on the ship Sai Happy on day trips, weekends or longer trips.

Everyone is welcome to attend. It is expected that you are a loving person, helpful, positive and passionate about spiritual development and being part of a spiritual community aboard a ship - and will help to meditate.

On the Sai Happy sailing trips, there will be opportunities for calm, silence and meditation as part of life on board.

At Sai Happy you have the opportunity for a retreat where you can retreat in peaceful surroundings, and you can organize your retreat exactly according to your own wishes and in collaboration with us others.

With Sai Happy you have the opportunity to explore or just enjoy the beautiful scenery, the sea, fjords, the coasts, the forests, lakes, streams and beautiful and atmospheric harbors.

The ship Sai Happy is an Apollo 12, a ship of 37 ½ feet from 1991. There are 3 separate cabins with double bunks - a total of 6 bunks and a couple of pieces in the salon - a total of 8 bunks.

You are always welcome to contact me if you fancy and dream of a boat trip.

With love.


For information and registration with Julien at: (0045) 23 28 30 20

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