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Læserne mener - boganmeldelser - profetens dagbog - guddommelige profetier - Julien C. H. Andersen

Julien CH Andersen
A life of faith, love and in God.  

Readers believe:

3. Opinion on 12.07.2019.
“Dear God and Julien.
Thank you for the Prophet's Diary. My heart danced from the first page. May I be wise, so I hesitated, said "yes thank you" to its persistent, loving incliners.

2. Reviewed by Merete Pedersen on April 15, 2013 : at

The development of democracy.

The book 'Divine Prophecies' provides a unique description of the history and future of democracy and man. It is a continuation of the Prophet's diary.
The rhetoric and the message are in order. In particular, the book opens up an understanding of humanity, love and the future of democracy everywhere on earth.
The prophecies are for the coming years and the next millennia. They apply to people, countries and continents. The book describes in a fantastic way what democracy is and how we have been helped to develop democracy, for example. of Socrates and others.

Merete Pedersen

1. Reviewed by Søren on Nov 16, 2012 at 1 p.m. 20:18: in

“From the Source of Truth

I would like to review a couple of very interesting books "The Prophet's Diary" and "Divine Prophecies" by Julien CH Andersen.
The contents of the books are written as a channeled message from God. The books are enlightening and rewarding for anyone who wants to learn the basic spiritual rules of life's behavior and actions as well as the consequences for our behavior. Everyone owes himself to read the two books possibly as a start to the spiritual journey or to you who are spiritually conscious, as a supplement to a higher understanding of the basic rules of truth.

The books "The Prophet's Diary" and "Divine Prophecies" are an introduction to God's attributes, how we must act as human beings in order to walk the right path in life and thereby reach a higher spiritual level. The message in the books is not new, for the truth that is synonymous with God has always been and always will be the same, but the truth is retold in a way that God has found right to show the true path between man and God .

In the book "Divine Prophecies" God gives a recipe for the principles of man, family, love, democracy and human development in the individual countries of the world for the next several hundred years in the future told in an easy and understandable way.

Both books are an expression of God's will and God's love for all people on earth regardless of race, religion and culture.

Søren Thranow. "

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