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Julien CH Andersen

A life of faith and of God



"Predictions are My business card, so that you will be attracted to what it is about, namely love."
A channeling by Julien CH Andersen



In many of the prophecies Julien receives, I tell about democracy. It still lags in many places, even in Germany, England, Africa, South America and the United States under Donald Trump. That's why you get the prophecies. I have chosen your God. They show you a path, a navigable path to the common good.
I want love, is love itself. And stop a little!
Democracy is love, it is charity in its ultimate form. Many of you have overlooked that. Many people think they must have filled their wallets with democracy. So should they. Everyone must have so that they can live.
But and there is a but! Democracy is about your next, about what you want - your next must have.
Understand that when you help your neighbor, you help yourself. Everything you give out, you get it again. Everyone benefits from helping their next. Those were the words. "

A channeling by Julien CH Andersen.

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