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Julien CH Andersen
A life of faith, love, compassion and in God

Unity of God:

One of the messages in Juliet's books and in the channels is that God is One , whether Christian, Jew, Catholic, Muslim, Hindu or whatever religion you belong to. All names are His and there is only One God.
All people are children of God and men are brothers and sisters, and regardless of skin color, the message is charity.
In the books and in Juliet's channels, God speaks of unity, and that man reaps what he sees himself. That's His law. He asks us to develop more love and less selfishness. Love unites, selfishness splits.
In the books, there is no condemnation. Instead, it is explained time and again that selfishness and our senses are the ones we reap and suffer from. Egoism causes suffering, whereas love is a sweet fruit. It is the fruit that God wants us to consume.
God does not belong to a faith. Every faith is a path to Him. All beliefs in the past have the same goals, have the same values ​​of the same divinity:
- Practice your faith.
- Respect the beliefs of others
- Neighbor love.
- Truth.
- Fred.
- Righteousness.
These values ​​can be found in the Bible, the Koran, and the Bhagavad Gita and in many
other faiths. Those who follow the Bible, the Koran, the Bhagavad Gita or believe in the Divine - are all one.
We are all One. The man and the woman may be different, but the heart and love are the same in every human being. Prayer is the same, worship is the same. All of humanity praises and believes in the same God, the God who has many names.

Everyone should first learn to practice their own faith and respect others. But if we do not practice or if we neglect faith, all the progress we have made will fail. To avoid failure, we must cultivate and practice our beliefs and basic spiritual values.
If we cultivate and practice the heart's values ​​and righteousness to win God's grace, we will be able to overcome many obstacles in life. Happiness will rule and it will be man's, and life will be blessed with peace and prosperity.
Unfortunately, one has done the opposite and cultivated selfishness, which has led to inequality, dissatisfaction and many people suffering.


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