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About Julien CH Andersen
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Julien CH Andersen

A life of faith, love, compassion

and in God

Julien CH Andersen, is Danish, born November 22, 1957 in North Zealand, Denmark. He belongs to Christianity and the Danish national church. He has a sister and both his parents were Danish. His spiritual journey began as a child already, where he had spiritual experiences. As a young man, the spiritual slipped into the background,

In 1977, he got married at a church wedding. In 1982, as a 24-year-old, he was divorced and the only father of a daughter. She was 2 ½ years old at the time, and he was alone in giving her love, comfort and security.
Times were tough. He had duties to my parents. His father, who was his friend's friend, had leukemia, so he had a lot to look forward to: a dying father, a mother in crisis, a full-time job, and a daughter without a mother and in crisis.
After the father's death, the sparse leisure time was often spent with the daughter in the apartment or on the weekend when they went out and visited the grandmother. In the summer, her daughter and he went on summer vacations to Yugoslavia or Italy, where her well-being was at the center.

Around 1987, Julien met a woman he moved with. They had a son together in 1991. At the same time as he met the woman , the spiritual reappeared in the form of spiritual vision, visions or dreams. Sometimes the visions were even movies running in front of his eyes. It was a shock to Julien to experience the spiritual world so vivid and powerful. But after the shock subsided, he received lessons and attended meditation evenings at Marina Munk in Store Havelse in North Zealand.
The relationship with the woman, daughter and son was harmonious and loving until the last few years, after which Julien left her in January 1999. The woman then confronted him and tried to divorce the children from their father, which succeeded.

December 1999 - March 2000 became a new beginning for Julien as he traveled to India where he lived in an Ashram for almost 3 months. He spent time on prayer and meditation, and he experienced a profound mental cleansing

The growth of the spiritual spirit during those months was great. Both Jesus Christ and other spiritual masters manifest and teach him daily the love of God and the ability of his own love. His awareness, access to the Divine, and understanding of the spiritual and physical life of man grew.
Something to teach is that we are all spiritual beings, born in love and that all religions are a path to God. The source of the Divine is within ourselves.
The lesson is also that we must live in the present moment, love ourselves and our next. Our true nature is unconditional love, attention, beauty, and helpfulness, all of which something the mind has difficulty understanding.

September 18 - December 18, 2001 Julien stayed in the Amazon in Brazil 500 km. away from white people. He lived by the river Paracuni in a small palm hut opposite the village of Osorio da Fonseca.
Here he daily cultivated solitude, silence, prayer and meditation, and the mystical communication and teaching continued from spiritual masters and Jesus Christ during his stay.
In the jungle of the Amazon, Julien again experienced the great unconditional love and togetherness with everything and everyone who characterizes the heart's love.

In 2005, Julien was trained as an educator after a study stay in England, where he worked with addicts and homeless people. In Denmark he has since worked as an educator with the disabled, elderly with dementia, Alzheimer's and dying people.

In 2008, Julien returned to the Amazon with a group of 11-person and 1-man tour participants who wanted to experience the jungle. They lived and sailed around on a riverboat, where Julien daily taught prayer, meditation and spiritual development.

In 2011, God unexpectedly revealed that He wanted Julien to write a book. This was the beginning of a communication where God dictates and reveals His love and words of wisdom for Julien . The first book was called "The Prophet's Diary," and it has become several books, dictated by God.
Julien even considers it a great grace that he is allowed to write down the word of God according to dictation. This is called prophecy. Julien himself never received any catechetical or education theologically.

Today Julien lives very secluded. He has only a limited number of times for spiritual clairvoyance and for individual spiritual events.


The cleansing:
Julien spent his time on prayer and meditation, and he experienced a profound mental cleansing where he saw all his sinners and all the situations in which he had not loved himself.
It was very painful insights and he cried every day for 3 months while teaching the love of God. The result was a deep inner clarity and a great love.

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