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Julien CH Andersen

A life of faith, love, compassion and in God


New prophecies for the next millennia. Text by Merete Pedersen.
(The article is not published in any magazine or other magazine.)

New prophecies are coming for eg. The United States, China, South Korea, Germany, Russia, Denmark, Italy and the Vatican. A total of 66 countries across the globe have been given their destiny and role, including the future of democracy, on the world stage predicted by Julien CH Andersen in 2012. This is not a new phenomenon, both Nostradamus and others have come forward with prophecies.

Nostradamus was actually called Michel de Nostredame. He was a prominent physician in the first half of the 16th century and has become known for his prophecies, which have been interpreted for centuries. The prophecies are written in four-line verses - Quatrains, which, due to the attitude of the time, are both cryptic and blurred in language and content. In all there are about a hundred verses. Many believe Nostradamus predicted the London fire in 1666, the French Revolution, Emperor Napoleon and World War II, using his Quatrain II 24 words such as Germain / Germany, iron cage and Hister, which have been interpreted as Hitler.
Also, the attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, he is believed to have predicted, as well as Princess Diana's tragic death in the tunnel that night in 1997. About it Nostradamus wrote: "The penultimate with the surname of the Prophet will take Diana from his day rest ... "Notice that both the name Diana is used and a descendant of the Prophet's name, which could be Mohammed, Diana's new father-in-law, who bears the same name as the Prophet.

In 1781, Nostradamus's works were banned by the pope, since one of the verses could be interpreted as a prediction of the fall of the papacy, which probably only increased his interest in his predictions, which should extend until the year 3500. Nostradamus has at least been able to maintain the interest for centuries. The question is whether he can do so in the future as well: His prophecies are unclear, dark, gloomy and predict death and suffering.

The author and the medium Julien CH Andersen, perhaps Nostradamus of our time, has both heard and seen how the future is shaping up, and has written down a large number of prophecies focusing on true democracy. The prophecies may reach as far as 20,000 . They are written in a contemporary language, in a lighter tone and uplifting motif, and they appeal to individual countries, politicians and parents all over the world. Andersen writes what he has heard: " The prophecies extend both in historical perspective and forward in the history that is not yet yours. In historical perspective, democracy plays a significant role. It began with the poet and statesman Solon and Socrates. democracy in the family, between father, mother and children. Without Socrates you had no democracy. You only had politics. Politics are power. Politics is self-interest. Politics is to serve himself. The politician speaks. The Democrat is acting. Let Me give you an example: In Christiansborg there are many politicians but few Democrats, in the old days there were many Democrats and few politicians.
And how is that to be understood? Yes, hear it now: A politician says one thing, but does not act on what he or she says. In other words, he is a fake coin. If, on the other hand, we take a Democrat, he will act out what he has said. That's why I say you know them by their actions and not by their words. "
The above message is channeled just like the prophecies in the book "Divine Prophecies"

(2012). Here are a few brief excerpts:

Denmark: "You forget the love. The love that you have built your country on. The love that is the foundation not only in families, in schools and in society but also in democracy. If you forget love, you destroy the foundation of the house you are in by building for your children.

Understand it! Your parents and your grandparents gave you a legacy. They built your community for you. The fruits they gave you are the ones you eat now. "

Russia: "Mysterious and alone. But great are you, and small are you. Democracy has come a long way with you. Yet you are at the first step. Teaching is not easy. It is difficult and difficult as you walk the path of power ...
And then listen! You've had a crazy monk. There will come a certain monk ... You must know him on the lamb. You must know him for his lack of words. You must know him for his actions. "

USA: "You have democracy. But you practice politics. You haven't learned the difference yet. Only a few of you understand it and practice democracy. Power is not democracy. Power is politics. It makes you superior. It makes you great where you should have been small.
Democracy creates peace, it does the loving and good toward its neighbor. Politics does the opposite. At least, it often does the opposite. It creates dissatisfaction and creates inequalities where there are no inequalities…
And America! You will become a people one day, a brother people. There will be equality and love between you. You will be a help to the world. But only on the day when you help and lift in love. "

China: "You are many souls. You are poor in spirit ... Leaders! Leaders of China. Feel your children's soul. See their faces, not just what you want to see, but see the life they are destined to live. See not what you want to see, see them as they are, see their dreams and their grand visions, see their visions of love and peace .. And another prophecy: Help the world, the world help you, and when you do, for that day will come, you will have the honor, and your love will grow. "

Israel: "You are a little folk. Your story is long. It fills libraries, it fills the world with your songs of praise, tales of suffering and the pursuit of becoming a people, a country, an independent people. Israel! Wake up! Every day You create hatred or peace, you choose it yourself, but peace or hatred begins with yourselves, not with your neighbor or your neighbor ... You sow the seeds of the times, you reap the seeds of the times, you sow the grain of the heart, you reap the grain of the heart. for the little one as well as for the supreme in the community ... Still, your hand is being held over you. Yet you have time to turn the gun around ... "

Vatican City: "Great are you. Larger than many who have more than you. What you lack in space, you have in faith.
ardinalerne! You have highly trusted records. Many in your ranks thirst for your positions. If they were just thirsty for love, they were much won over ... Know them by their actions, not by their words.
Popes! You have had many popes, you will have many popes…
And then listen! In choosing, you must not choose with the sense. You must choose with the heart. It will give you good and holy popes. In five hundred years, the greatest of all the popes will be among you ... He will set a new course ... Your church will exist for many thousands of years. "

The prophecies are about the struggle for democracy, freedom and love. The train, the train of democracy, was started by Socrates, Plato and Aristotle over two thousand years ago. The locomotive is democracy, and the train is a long day in which every country, every nation and continent has a wagon attached. "Leaders, whether politicians or Democrats, are sitting in their seats, by their own example, they must show the citizens how to practice democracy. All citizens of the country are in the train. Remember that the train is long. It has many wagons, and the chariots are long - very long in some countries.The leaders, democrats and politicians must rise just like the pope and his servants (the pope washes at Easter feet on some of Rome's poor) his fellows. works. There are no other ways. Leaders are the ones who show the way. What they can do, so can the inhabitants. For they have shown by their own example how to do ... But greed and short-sightedness are responsible for many of your problems. . You think more about getting your wallet filled than doing good and better to your neighbor. "
Politics is self-interest. Democracy without love and wisdom is not democracy. Andersen again says what he hears:
"Politics takes. Everything is two-way. Democracy gives. Democracy gets. Democracy is in the interests of the whole - also in world democracy. You have forgotten that." And then from the book: "Democracy is about exhibiting yourself, your morals, your love, your cooperative ability, your goals and what you want others to do. Your democracy reveals whether you have self-interest, think of the whole, of the individual human or overlook it. The goal of democracy is that it will grow both ethically and morally across the globe. "

Julien CH Andersen finally says, again as he has heard: "Democracy plays a fail, where self-interest is paramount, where corruption is daily life. Democracy calls for the noblest in man. Socrates knew that. Politics is not democracy if there is corruption, dishonesty and violence. Politics can become democracy if ... If you adhere to the rules of democracy. Socrates, Plato and Aristotle knew. Athens's city government exercised politics, it cost Socrates life. Had they practiced democracy, history would have been another. "
Democracy is still handicapped in Denmark, just as it is everywhere in the world. But new times are coming. In the centuries to come, democracy can go up the stairs. The train has long been set in motion by Socrates and other torchbearers, but many still need to understand the task - and understand the difference between politics and democracy.

Sources: 1. Nostradamus by Johnny Rose. 2. Permission has been obtained from the publisher Zosma as well as by the author Julien CH Andersen to cite and reproduce passages for the use of the article from the book Divine Prophecies.

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