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Calendar and latest news:

Messages from God .
Julien has the last approx. 10 years received messages from God. "Why He just chose me, I don't know? I never imagined God would use me ..."


"You will receive miracles, warnings and prophecies, that you may believe in Me, the One God and My Son Jesus Christ.

It's My Business Card. Go forward with love, devotion and believe for you all ... "

Miracles: "Miracle" comes from the Latin word "mirari", to wonder. Today, miracles and warnings still occur. Julien sometimes receives warnings as he is asked to pass on to people who have visited him for a clairvoyance or for a Spiritual evening where miracles subsequently occur.

The difference between clairvoyants and their messages:

Many are channeling from the spiritual world. There are many clairvoyants and the media and they all claim to be good channels for the spiritual world and that their message is the true message. Yet there is a difference between clairvoyants and their messages…

Around the channels:

"I want to express, as I have done in speech and now also in writing, that I do not want anyone to blindly believe in channeling or that they are the only true truth. Everyone should study the channeling, the holy scriptures and themselves and their own capacity for love and thereby through trying to gain insight and spiritual progress. In this way, faith and channels can become inner knowledge, knowledge, experience, love and wisdom for the individual. "
Julien CH Andersen

Question from Vibeke Nørgaard: “If a person

commits suicide, becomes so
"punished" in death? "

"... The answer is: God punishes no one. And then listen! You are born again and again. Those feelings, the fate you leave when you die in the physical body, have sown a new fate. And what do I mean by that? " Everything you are when you die, you are born again with that. Then ... Some people commit suicide because it is their karma. Others have to fight their way out of the traumatic feelings and thoughts of another life ... "

Married couples: Everyone has a share in the treasure.

"Souls! Noble souls You are all friends. You know Me and I know you. You know your spouse, loved one or friend. You all know each other if you know yourself.
And what do I mean by that?
Again, the answer is simple. It is very simple. In the soul, in the spirit, you know each other and Me. In the ego you do not know each other, you will not even know of your neighbor or beloved or Me.
If you want to know each other, know each other, you have to get to know yourself. Do you know yourself, you will know who your next is. Enough about that.
Love is a staircase. We have talked about that many times now. Yet when we talk about marriage it is a mud hole, past…
And hear it now! Because you don't use love. You use selfishness and with it in the trunk, you end up in the mud, if not ... "

The good and the evil:
“The good will always reap the evil. A good person repays evil with good. An evil person retaliates the good that is done with evil. So listen! There are exceptions. They belong to rarities. The battle of evil against good is happening all over the world. Not a family, not a city or a country goes by.
Everyone wants the good, few do the good.
And why did it happen?

As long as selfishness exists in a human being, it wants itself first, it will do unpleasant actions. Only with the heart will you be able to look beyond your own nose tips. If you look with selfishness, you only see your own interests. Enough about that.
Good will always reap evil, I have said. It is true. Those who have love, those who want the good suffer from the selfishness of others, those who do evil. They must bear the burdens where the others are hurting.
And why did it happen?
Listen now it's going to be hard. Maintaining the good in itself requires work ... "


"You say exactly what we are focusing on and give us some tools. Thank you I am very touched. Thank you to you loving man."


"I just want to tell you that we were in the hospital with our son last week and like you said," No medicine. Everything is perfect. "  

Just want to say thank you so much for being there when I needed it most. "

"I am deeply grateful to meet you. You gave me so many and many really sensitive words at home that need to be worked on now and your acceptance of me."


"Thanks for a good day. Yes, some camels had to be swallowed during the clairvoyance, but I was just as prepared for that."


“Julien has a sensitive empathy and loving way of conveying the messages I received. I highly recommend others get a session if they need a lift and can hear some truths about themselves and need to evolve. "
A. Hansen.

Uddrag af kanaliseringer lagt ud på Facebook
Opinions from clients

P rofetier.

Julien will here point out the prophecies that God has given and have already fulfilled, reminding us of His love and prophecies that call for love and democracy.

Prophecies fulfilled:

November 5, 2016. Donald Trump becomes President.

May 14, 2019. Mette Frederiksen becomes prime minister instead of Lars Løkke.

August 15, 2019. Brexit, Therese May, Boris Johnson and the Future.

September 9, 2019. Greenland is in danger.

All the prophecies are posted on Facebook

since the Prophecies.


Excerpt of prophecy posted on Facebook

On December 11, 2016. The Consequences of Power.
"... Trump will destroy the presidential image the US has built. He will soon be history. He will have a very short tenure.
What I say now applies: Power wants power. Power creates injustice, it always has. You haven't learned from history yet, which is why you keep repeating the mistakes of the past. Everywhere you have monuments in power, but you forget the costs ... "

On November 5, 2016. If Trump Wins the Election!

“If Trump wins the election, and he does, then the world will change dramatically for the worse. You don't have to be a prophet to be able to predict.
Trump stands for power, is himself enough and wants. It's a dangerous cocktail. It has nothing to do with charity or the virtues of the heart - and it makes the world feel ... "


On July 17, 2016. The EU and the British out of the EU .
"... England cultivates class differences. The announcement of the European Union is a fine example of that.
When we talk about the future, it is different from what the British believe and hope for. They will never join the EU again. The British are getting poor now. They become self-employed. The EU lost when they signed out. Tomorrow the EU is far richer without the British. What the EU lost, the EU wins in the long run ... "


Divine Prophecies:
It is possible to read several predictions in the book "Divine Prophecies." A total of 66 countries across the globe have been given their destiny and role, including the future of democracy on the world stage predicted in 2012.

2. Book Divine Prophecies:
In the book God expounds the deeper meaning of democracy, its history, man's application of democracy in daily life and more.

An eye-opener about democracy.

Democracy begins in the family.

The goal is love and democracy for all humanity.

The difference between politics and democracy.

There are prophecies for different continents and 66 countries.


Contact Julien Monday and Friday between 7 p.m. 8:30 am - 9:30 am.

JulIen CH Andersen
TLF: (0045) 23 28 30 20

Email: Life-adventure@hotmail.com

Skype: julien.andersen

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