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Julien CH Andersen
A life of faith, love, compassion

and in God

Miracles and warnings:


"Miracle" comes from the Latin word "mirari", to wonder. Today occurs
there are still miracles and warnings, which Julien experiences after prayer.

Julien sometimes receives warnings as he is asked to pass on to people who have sought him out for a clairvoyance or to a Spiritual Evening where miracles also occur or rather, miracles are promised.

Miracles: Performs both for a clairvoyance or after the spiritual evenings, where there is prayer and meditation, where the evening ends with prayers for sick and suffering people.

A woman in her late fifties was told that she should check her breasts as there might be something underway. The woman was obviously upset. But she had her breasts checked by the doctor and nothing was wrong. A year later, she was on medical check and a malignant nodule was found. She was quickly operated on and her chest removed. Unfortunately, the cancer had spread.
As always when someone is suffering or when illness threatens, Julien prayed fervently for the woman. The message he heard was. "She's getting a miracle."
The message was true. Today a few years the woman is healthy.

Another woman around the age of thirty suffered from bad kidneys and it developed disastrously. Eventually there was nothing left to do and the family and she were told to prepare for the inevitable. It was a terrible situation. The woman was prayed, and the message was, "Expect a miracle."

But the time was scarce, the days passed and woman was dying. Yet it must not have been intended for her to die.
The miracle happened. In the last hour, an organ donor was found, and the woman is still alive and well today.
Warnings : Appear on both clairvoyances and Spiritual evenings.

An elderly man was told he had to stop riding a motorcycle because otherwise it would end up in an accident. The man stopped riding a motorcycle.

A young man who was a multi-talented man who was very busy and with too many irons in the fire was told to gear down if he wanted to grow older. He didn't. He picked up the message angry and continued as before. Half a year later he died to the great grief of the family.

A woman , beautiful and at her best age, was told to drop her prestige around male acquaintances, that is, to have a man who was something about the music if she wanted to live in a loving relationship with a man. Otherwise, if she insisted on wanting prestige, it would become her nemesis.

Most often, the warnings are about people letting go of their desires or behaviors.



Received 7.12. 2019.
"Miracles, warnings, and prophecies get you to believe in Me, the One God and My Son Jesus Christ. They are My business card.

Go forward with love, devotion and faith for you are all children of the One. "

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