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Julien CH Andersen
A life of faith, love and in God

The difference between Clairvoyante and their messages:  

Not all those you seek from the spiritual world are true.
Whether it be a channel: prophet, guru, spiritual teacher, Sandwich, sage, spiritist, clairvoyant, or just plain-sighted.

Many channels from the spiritual world. Many claim to speak the cause of God or spiritual beings.
Nothing wrong with that. You are all spiritual beings. You come from the spiritual world and you go back to the spiritual world one day. The body is just a piece of clothing for the spirit and as you throw away from you the day of death.
Death is as natural as life. And then back to the topic of channeling and being a channel; a prophet, guru, spiritual teacher, Sandwich, sage, spiritist, clairvoyant, or just plain-sighted, as some call themselves. You must all discern. Without distinction, things go wrong. Many spiritual beings want to talk to you. They are as numerous as the living and they are even in excess. Numerous are the angels of the Lord.
Hear it then! Not all angels are white angels, not all human beings are angels, not all human beings do well, and the same applies to beings from the spiritual world. Therefore, all of you must discern: both you who seek and talk with the spiritual world, just as those who seek you, discern or else things go wrong.
Does it annoy you that you have to discern, will I ask you?
Without discernment you are faithful, I will answer you.
And then listen, hear it and understand it: You all go your way, have your goals in life for good and evil. The bad ones will hurt you and the good ones will do you good. This is how you distinguish and distinguish the messages you receive. Many are disguised as good, but are not good.
Let Me give you an example: Everyone will claim to be a good channel. Words benefit nothing. It is on the actions that you must know, on the loving acts. They are the ones that make the body alive.
Let Me give you another example: No good and loving angel or spirit will ask you to do any harm. A good channel will have good angels, and will ask you to do good. And if you do well, you will grow in love. It is on love that you know Mine.
Today and such have been many times through the ages, seek the advice of those who can increase your wealth or burdens. Neither cares nor wealth increases your love, the love that gives you happiness. It is easier to cultivate love than cares and wealth. There is nothing that cannot be achieved with love. ”

A channeling by Julien CH Andersen


“Grace is given to all great as small, rich as poor, young as old, woman as male. No one makes a difference. You all have a bank account with Me. On it you save, put in your profits, the profits that come from selfless love.

And stop a little!

What about the selfish things, the selfish things that you do?

You save them too. That account is called karma or you reap what you have sown. It can't be more fair.

To help you, I have given you the Bhagavad Gita, the Bible and the Qur'an, and many other holy books. I have also sent you prophets, holy men and women, monks and nuns.

And then listen and understand: I have also sent you gurus, spiritual teachers, Sandwiches, sages, spiritualists, clairvoyants, and those who are just plain sighted.
Understand that My Kingdom is large. It is borderless, has many spaces and extends from east to west, from south to north and all over it, also belongs to Me. Nowhere can you avoid seeing Me, hear My angels if you watch and listen with your heart. However, if you use the senses, you will not see or hear anything.
And stop a little!

You who believe you seek prophets, gurus, spiritual teachers, Sandersians, sages, spiritualists, clairvoyants and those who are clear-sighted.
In seeking, you must discern. Although My kingdom is large, without boundaries and all-inclusive , I have made the distinction between light and dark. Not all those you seek from the spiritual world are true. Many are novices, and speak of selfishness rather than love. Not that it is easy to distinguish between a true and false prophet, between a true guru or spiritual teacher and a false guru or spiritual teacher.

And listen! The same is true of those who are true Saints, sages, spiritists, clairvoyants, and those who are just plain sighted. Some are true, others are false. Any of you who are seeking must make a distinction. You must enter into the dialogue between good and evil. None of you can renounce this if you want to reap wisdom. And without love you cannot reap the crown of wisdom.
And now it's getting tough. Anyone who is a channel for the spiritual or has contact with the spiritual will claim that he or she is true and that the message is love.

You fool yourself again. Know that I have made a distinction between light and dark. The light is the selfless love. With it you increase the bank account with Me. Darkness is selfish love, with it you increase your debt, your karma for you will reap what you have sown.
If, on the other hand, you have something in Me's account, you will be able to share in the grace. The grace you all share if you do the love of the heart. And if you do that love, you will attain the crown of wisdom and know the difference between the true and false prophets, gurus, spiritual teachers, Sanders, sages, spiritualists and clairvoyants.
Too many of you are trying to increase your selfishness. And many, far too many do not regret their words or actions. Therefore, seek the advice of those who can increase your burdens, rather than those who can increase your love. If you repent of your words and actions, the words and actions that hurt others and yourselves, you would seek help from those who have the insight, wisdom and love to increase your love.
Understand that love increases your happiness, the burdens increase your suffering and sorrows. And only through love can you change your words and actions for the better. And when you do something better for yourself and others, you do love. The love that you deposit into the bank account with Me and which I pay out as grace.

What do you want with loads when you can get grace?

The answer is, do you not know what grace is? Did you know that you would not grow the cargoes. They charge as you go to the false gurus, spiritual teachers, Sandersians, sages, spiritists, clairvoyants to increase and who are a yoke on your shoulders and who make you slaves.

Love will give you the sweet fruits. The cargoes will give you the sour fruits. The first fruits will give you access to Me. The last fruits will remove you from Me. Yet, time and time again, you are looking for the fake ones that give you the sour fruits.
What do you want with the dead when you can move between the living?
Past is past. It belongs to death. Only the future belongs to the living. The ones who do the love. Those who cultivate the cargoes are already dead, for they are both deaf and blind. Seek out those who can increase your love. If you do that, you shall see and hear, and you shall be to account for the living, and the graves behind you shall be thrown.

Let's talk about grace. It is My miracle, My business card for you who make love. My grace will show you the way to the light. The light that is the living water, the water of wisdom.
Understand that cargoes hide love and wisdom. The love that sets you free. Those were the words. "

A channeling by Julien CH Andersen

"I must remember to distinguish. Many are in seeking the spiritual world. Unfortunately, I do not always know who it is that speaks to you. Darkness Demons come in many guises. Some presume to speak your cause, but do not . They create selfishness and evil. "
A channeling by Julien CH Andersen

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