A spiritual evening


Free / free. A Spiritual Evening on January 17 at 1 p.m. 19:30.
Come to a spiritual (Clarity and Clear Hearing) evening in private at Frederiksværk.

Experience an evening with the spiritual world and me as a channel for the spiritual world, where I hope you take this unique opportunity to inspire you in your spiritual development.

Tonight's program:
1. I will start with a presentation of the evening; How things are communicated!
2. A spiritual post.
2. Mantra.
3. Prayer.
4. Meditation - possibly guided meditation to create peace in body and mind.
5. After meditation, it will be possible to ask questions about your life and spiritual development and topics.
7. Final Prayer and possibly intercession for the sick and suffering.

We live in prosperity. Unfortunately, many live in the extreme poverty caused by a lack of love and compassion for others. And many people fail to explore their own true nature, faith and love.
Love is a staircase: The higher we go up the stairs, the more love, the less selfishness, and everyone like me can walk up the stairs of love.
Love is my religion.
And I would encourage you to immerse yourself in the meditation, the spiritual and loving atmosphere.

Bring paper and pen to write down the messages.

Limited number of seats.

Registration by phone: 23 28 30 20

Attention: Registration is only registered when you receive an SMS on your participation.

May the love and strength of the heart be with you and guide you.

With love.
See more at: www.Life-adventure.dk

Come on time - no smoking allowed - turn off the phones.